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What the hell is all this then?

  • This is BitBid. We are an auction site that uses bitcoins.

What are these bitcoins you keep going on about?

  • Bitcoins are a P2P online currency that allow for direct payments between parties. Want to know more? Click here.

What is an auction?

  • Really? You are dumb.

How do I bid?

  • Just register and you can start bidding immediately.

How do I sell?

  • After you register you can start selling immediately.

How should I set shipping costs?

  • Trying to set shipping costs in bitcoin can be a little complicated since the value fluctuates and anyone around the world can use BitBid. Because of this we leave it up to you to proactively set your shipping costs in your auction posting or say that it will be calculated after the auctions ends and will depend on the seller’s and buyer’s location. Please use BitBid private messages to discuss shipping options so there is a record in case of a dispute. Direct emails between the buyer and seller cannot be verified and will be taken as hearsay.

What can I do about excessive shipping costs?

  • Since the actual act of shipping is out of our hands it is up to you to discuss your issues with the seller. If you are unable to agree on a reasonable price then you may report the seller to us and we will try to mediate. Any seller caught ramming people with excessive shipping costs will be banned, period. This isn’t eBay.

How do I pay if I win an auction?

  • When an auction ends with a winning bidder the seller will send an invoice with their bitcoin address. You then simply send the amount of the winning bid plus any shipping costs to that address. When the transaction is confirmed the seller will ship your item.

I never received what I bought, what now?

  • We encourage all our users to use tracking/delivery confirmation for all shipments. Without a paper trail is it nearly impossible to determine if the item was actually shipped or if it was received. If a seller does not provide tracking/delivery confirmation for their items buy at your own risk.

How does Buy It Now work?

  • Buy it now is only enabled if you have a PayPal account setup in your profile. Since we only allow prices in bitcoin values the dollar amount you send should be equal to the current dollar value of bitcoins. This will vary so talk with the seller to agree on a dollar value.

How can I post larger photos?

  • We currently only allow a max width of 640px for photos in an auction. You can link to larger versions using free sites such as imgur or Photobucket.

Can I sell anything? Wink, wink.

  • We do not allow selling of items considered illegal in the United States where we are currently located. Sorry. There are other sites for that stuff.

I have more questions. Where should I send them?

  • Send them here:
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We try to respond withing 24 hours.